This is the on-going story of my life as a wife, and mother of a son
with autism (and two others without). It is the place where I share the
constant tension between fear and anger with joy and hope. It is my
desire to encourage others in the autism trenches through the telling of
just one family’s struggle and the clear hope we have in our Lord and
Savior, Jesus Christ. Come and walk with us as we transform from “Post
Tenebras, Lux”: After Darkness, LIGHT.

About Sarah Broady:

I’m a Christian wife and mom who loves Jesus, my husband, and my three
kids, including one with autism. (Kind of what this blog is about.)

My favorite word is hope because it’s
what I need to get through every day as my faith is constantly
challenged and I fail often. (Also what this blog is about.)

I love to sleep a little too much and I
need my Earl Grey tea every single morning – with milk and sugar,

Chocolate is a necessity in my life. With a cup of tea.

I love to sew and bake. I used to have small home businesses in both areas.

I enjoy re-purposing and redesigning furniture and “junk” items in
my head or living vicariously through Pinterest because I don’t have the
money or space to actually do it in my home; not that I have time to do
any of this anyway.

I am an amateur photographer, and by that I mean I
take pictures and make them what they should have looked like with a
professional camera through the use of online photo editing websites while having a
cup of tea.

My love of talking has finally found an outlet in the
written word.

Speaking of which, I love speaking and am available if you have a faith or autism event or
church/mom’s group in need of a speaker on special needs. You can contact me at

I am an autism advocate and have spoken at the MD State Senate and House of Representatives committees as they made decisions regarding benefits for autistic children. I have also volunteered with Autism Speaks and lobbied on Capitol Hill to gain better services for families living with autism.

I love to encourage other parents (mainly moms) who have children with autism, whether recently diagnosed or years of being in the trenches. I am a Facebook group leader of Key for Families Autism & Aspergers as well as the leader of the all the Key Ministry FB group leaders.

Oh, and I really like tea. 🙂

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