I don’t know about you, but my Pinterest feed is currently filled with adorable fall family pictures and ideas for a photo shoot. October and November are great months to grab your camera (or a photographer), coordinate your entire family’s outfits, and plan an afternoon in some quiet location where the visitors are few and the views are plenty – and plenty beautiful at that! Sprawling branches slowly shedding their bright colors of red, orange, and yellow dangling leaves burst out from behind a laughing family sitting on a pretty quilt in the grass. Husband and wife cuddle close in front of a rustic red barn (where do these people FIND these barns?!) Brothers and sisters put their arms around each other and smile “CHEESE!” at the clicking camera. Looking at these perfectly-timed shots creates something deep and dark in the pit of our souls. Photo envy.

Read the rest about why you should be brave and take family pictures. Plus, you’ll get to see more awesome family photos at my writing home for today at Not Alone!

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