Finding A Special Hope

Spectacular Summer Giveaway Event
For Caregivers and Their Families

For parents who feel the darkness but long to bask in the light, this giveaway features a printable, a special selection of podcast episodes, and a curated selection of my blog posts on Post Tenebras Lux: Songs for the Grieving, Weary, and Hopeless. All carefully chosen just for those who are striving to choose joy while struggling with a grieving heart and a weary soul.

Choosing joy isn’t easy. To choosing joy means two things. First, you are not in a joyful place now. Secondly, you want to be. You have to first acknowledge the grief you are going through. Acknowledge the hard, the pain, the ache. Only after you embrace the pain can you begin to see a light, feel the possibility of experiencing joy, and truly find a special hope.

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