battle in the basement

The morning had been going so well. It was a Sunday morning and we had to be at church early for rehearsal since I was on praise team. Everyone was getting ready to leave without much difficulty, except for my poor husband. The dog had been let out for a minute, but it was raining. He came inside when Kyle called him, and then promptly shook his whole body. Kyle’s pants were now splattered in mud, so it took an extra two minutes getting out the door since he had to change. Other than that though, it was a good start to the morning. There were no arguments, no meltdowns, no words between brothers. Sunday school seemed to go well too. I base that mostly on the fact that I was not summoned out of my class to go handle anything, but Sam’s teacher did say he did a good job too. I was so hopeful.

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Battle in the Basement

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