I have no special revelations to share with you today. No incredibly amazing stories to show the truth of “Post tenebras, lux” (if this is your first time reading this blog and you are not fluent in Latin, that means “After darkness, light”). All I have for you today are typical Mommy stories that I think all mothers experience with their children. Just imagine everything I say bigger, louder and more dramatic. 🙂

Today has proven so far to be an incredibly irritating day. Nothing in particular caused it – I just woke up. Ever had those days? Although I did crawl out of the bed on my husband’s side this morning, so maybe I truly did wake up on the wrong side of the bed. In any case, everyone and everything is bothering me today. It seems to be better now that I’ve eaten a chocolate chip cookie, some cookie dough, and my tea is boiling on the stove, but I’m still in a funk.

And if you’re STILL reading this and want to finish it, click below…
The cast of Cars has overtaken our house. Samuel has decided to name everyone a Cars 2 cast member, and then refer to them by that name. Apparently, I am Holly Shiftwell. So that’s what he calls me – the full name, every time. Sometimes I play along, and other times I remind him I’m still Mommy. Kyle is Mater, and takes his role very seriously speaking in character. Joshua is Lightning McQueen and Ben is Finn McMissile.

Funny story – Samuel came upstairs and tells “Mater” that Lightning McQueen is stuck behind the couch in the downstairs living room (to which we refer as “the haven”). Kyle was working on getting stuff out for dinner and told Sam to wait. Sam continued to badger, insisting that Lightning was crying and needed help immediately. He has often personified his toys and said they talk, or sing, or cry, etc, so naturally, Kyle thought that the Lightning McQueen Sam was referring to was a toy car – not Joshua. A few minutes later, he realized what was going on: “Oh… wait…. Joshua IS Lightning McQueen!” Running downstairs….

Today has been a beautiful sunny day, but still cold. Kyle was working on the van outside preparing for our trip, so I sent the kids outside to “help”. They were more or less helping ME by not being inside the house so I could get some cleaning done without it being undone right behind me. However the job gets done, right?

I sent them outside with jackets on. Samuel really fought me on that. He has this thing about long sleeves. He doesn’t like them. He hates them. He mostly tolerates me dressing him in long sleeves and has accepted long pants as the regular attire every day; however, he will always roll up his sleeves, even if I put him in a jacket. He INSISTED though that it was not cold outside, and yelled at me when I forced his arms into his jacket sleeves. I zipped him up, put on his hood, and then he insisted on wearing gloves too. I guess if he was dressing warmly, all body parts needed to be covered. He went outside, and two minutes later I looked out the window and saw him running around in his short sleeve shirt only – jacket tossed onto the ground. I called him inside and put on a lighter fleece jacket instead and told him to keep it on. But when he came huffing and puffing inside later, guess what apparel item was missing? Yup, his shoes. Haha, just kidding – making sure you’re paying attention. 🙂

So I have no nuggets of wisdom from today; no analogies for autism and life. These are just stories from our life today. This little situation did NOT help the irritation of today. But sometimes, you just have to grit your teeth (or chew some ice), take a deep breath, and eat some chocolate. Now, where’s that cookie dough…?

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