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Starting Anew - Hope in Autism

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Starting Anew

Sarah Broady
May 26, 2024
Several months ago, I remember creating a website for the purpose of blogging. I had the same general concept: “Post Tenebras, Lux” (latin for “After darkness, light” – more on that later). I wrote an entire blog post on this particularly striking phrase I learned a couple years ago that has stuck with me ever since. I custom designed my site, very proud of the pictures I figured out how to upload, and the text I made, etc. I’m not really sure what happened after all the excitement of creating something new, except that I didn’t keep up with it much and now that I wanted to get back into it again, I couldn’t find it anywhere! It disappeared. Gone.

Thus, the search that ended in disappointment also brought to life this newer, fresher, and way-cuter blog that I am totally motivated to keep up with now. After all this work, how can I let it fall by the wayside again?

So here I am again. This blog has stemmed out of an itch of mine to communicate practically EVERYTHING that’s in my little head, combined with the fact that I’m a stay-at-home mom with no one to communicate with except my 4 year old son during the daytime, sometimes a friend, and on his day off, my husband. Even still, none of them really want to listen to all the random thoughts, if even sometimes meaningful things I think about and contemplate all the time: hence, my blog.

With that being said, I do hope to have a meaningful virtual existence and be an encouragement and perhaps even an inspiration to those who wander onto these pages. I am many things in this life: a wife, a mother (particularly a mother of a special needs son), a daughter, a friend, a follower of Jesus Christ, a lover of beauty and creativity and now most recently, a blogger (which I would put under the creativity category). 🙂 My posts will revolve around one or more of any of these because they all are part of who I am and they each affect how I live my life – especially the “follower of Jesus Christ”. I strive to please my Lord in all I do, and this blog is no exception. I was created for His glory, and I can only pray that everything from the little funny posts to the huge contemplations or trials of life I post about will point to the One who has loved me with an everlasting love and has saved me from death to life.

This brings me to my blog post title: Post Tenebras, LUX. After darkness, LIGHT. This phrase has a simple, obvious meaning and a thousand parallels in life from which to draw. First and foremost, as I Peter 2:9 says,

“But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for God’s own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him who has
called you out of darkness into His marvelous light;
for you once were not a people, but now you are the people of God;
you had not received mercy, but now you have received mercy.”
Secondly, I am one of many moms who live in the world of autism. My second of three boys, Samuel, was diagnosed with autism at 27 months of age. Of all the disability worlds that are out there, this is mine and my family’s. We face many struggles raising a child with special needs. As in all of life, there are ups and downs – they are just more extreme for us. There are moments, hours, days, sometimes months of darkness. Then there are those glorious glimmerings and bright hopes of light. Sometimes it just barely peeks through the clouds, other times it flat out blinds us. But thanks be to God, light WILL dissipate the darkness.
This is the purpose of my blog. To share the struggles when it is dark and anticipate together with those who journey with me the light that is sure to come. To rejoice when the light finally makes its appearance, however dim. To continue to anticipate the hope of an even brighter Light that has already come once in the person of Jesus Christ, and who will certainly come again not only to dissipate the darkness, but utterly destroy it forever.
May God be glorified and His excellencies proclaimed!

Meet Sarah

Sarah is a wife and mother to three sons, one of whom has autism. She is a writer, speaker, and producer and host of A Special Hope Podcast.


Listen Now

Discovering special hope in the stories of those living with special needs, those who strive to minister to special needs families, and the God who is making all things new. Available here, or anywhere you podcast.

If you are enjoying this site and the podcast, please consider a donation of any size to contribute to the costs associated with running a website and a podcast. Any and all gifts are greatly appreciated!

How Movies Helped Me as an Autistic Person

This guest post is by Samuel Broady, a young man who was diagnosed with autism at 2 and plans to attend Columbia College Chicago. Samuel is applying for the Spring 2023 Making a Difference Autism Scholarship via the nonprofit KFM Making a Difference.

Check out Sandra’s latest release,
Unexpected Blessings:

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