scrimThe sanctuary was dark. The air was thick with grief, tension, and anticipation of what we all knew was coming next. But nothing prepared me for what my eyes were about to behold. I was watching our church’s Easter pageant from the middle of the large auditorium. We had just witnessed the Passion of Jesus as He had been tortured and crucified. The scene was dark, the people quiet. Suddenly, a bright light shone from the stage, illuminating a massive wall of angels from the ground to the ceiling, lined across the entire width of the stage. They were all wearing white and singing with choreography. I couldn’t help but cry at the sight. It was beautiful. But I wondered, how did they do that?!

The secret? A scrim. The image above shows a crucifixion scene set up behind the scrim that is only visible to the audience when lit from behind. If the light behind the scrim was not on, all you would see is the Roman soldier in the blue light, lit by a spotlight in front of the scrim.

Read more about the scrim of disability and the work God is doing behind the scenes at my writing home today, Special Needs Parenting.

How do you see God at work in the heart of your child with disability?

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