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Hope Anew: Creating Community with Jonathan and Sarah McGuire - Hope in Autism

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Hope Anew: Creating Community with Jonathan and Sarah McGuire

Sarah Broady
May 26, 2024

Episode 16

Hope Anew:

Creating Community with

Jonathan & Sarah McGuire

by | Sep 30, 2019

“We have to build a new vision for what life will be going forward – grieving what isn’t anymore, and building
A NEW vision…”

Sarah talks with Jonathan and Sarah McGuire about their ministry organization, Hope Anew, and the new online community that launches October 1, 2019. They share their story as autism parents, the isolation they struggled through, the drought of rest Sarah went through, and how their family coped and handled those struggles. Through everything, they’ve created a ministry to parents of children with unique needs and disability, and are launching A NEW ministry specific to creating community. I’m so excited to introduce the McGuires to you if you don’t know them already, and I highly encourage you to check out the incredible resources on their website, Hope Anew.

Hosts & Guests

Sarah Broady

Jonathan & Sarah McGuire

Show Links

Facebook: @hopeinthetrenches

Twitter: @hope_anew

Hope Anew Website

Hope Anew Podcast

5 Minute Vacations: Click on the website link above and sign up for updates to get the FREE PDF! Or click HERE and watch the video of Jonathan’s presentation at Inclusion Fusion Live! 2018.


Producer & Editor: Sarah Broady

Music: Benjamin Broady

Logo Design: Tammy Lanham

About Jonathan and Sarah McGuire

Jonathan and Sarah have been married 18 years and are the parents of two boys. They began their journey in special needs 12 years ago with the birth of their youngest son who was allergic to all food except sweet potato, and severely autistic.

In addition to being parents, Jonathan and Sarah co-founded Hope Anew in 2016. Hope Anew is a non-profit that comes alongside parents of kids with special needs on the spiritual and emotional side of that journey guiding them toward Christ-centered hope and healing. They connect with parents through a curriculum-based Hope & Healing Workshop they wrote and facilitate as well as writing, speaking, and podcasting focusing on the unique challenges of special needs parenting. And there is now a new facet to Hope Anew, which is their online community for parents of children impacted by special needs and disability that launches October 1, 2019!

5 Minute Vacations for Special Needs Parents

Do you ever feel like you never have a moment to yourself and it is all you can do to get through the next minute? By implementing the strategies in this free resource, you will be better equipped to care for your family over the long haul. Watch the video or get the PDF for FREE by signing up for updates on Hope Anew. If you chose not to sign up the first time, try opening the link in a new browser or on your phone and signing up. 

About the Hope Anew Community

Often parents of children impacted by disability and special needs feel alone and like no one gets it. We’ve created a laugh together, cry together, pray together community that helps parents navigate the path ahead of them so they can thrive in the midst of life’s challenges.

  • On 10.01.19, you’ll be able to home click the Join Now button on this page.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to complete your registration.
  • You’ll receive a welcome email with the details you need.

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Meet Sarah

Sarah is a wife and mother to three sons, one of whom has autism. She is a writer, speaker, and producer and host of A Special Hope Podcast.


Listen Now

Discovering special hope in the stories of those living with special needs, those who strive to minister to special needs families, and the God who is making all things new. Available here, or anywhere you podcast.

If you are enjoying this site and the podcast, please consider a donation of any size to contribute to the costs associated with running a website and a podcast. Any and all gifts are greatly appreciated!

How Movies Helped Me as an Autistic Person

This guest post is by Samuel Broady, a young man who was diagnosed with autism at 2 and plans to attend Columbia College Chicago. Samuel is applying for the Spring 2023 Making a Difference Autism Scholarship via the nonprofit KFM Making a Difference.

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