Episode 10

Becky Davidson on

Rising Above Ministries

and the Legacy of a

Special Needs Dad

by | Jun 16, 2019

This special Father’s Day episode is dedicated to the memory of Jeff Davidson. Becky talks through their story and the genesis of Rising Above Ministries, as well as the beautiful but heart-breaking story of how Jeff’s last legacy, Common Man, Extraordinary Call-Thriving as a Dad of a Child with Special Needs, came into being two years after his passing. Today’s story is one of beauty mixed with grief encased in hope. Stay tuned for a message from Jeff and a shout out to dads, especially special needs fathers, everywhere. Happy Father’s Day!

Becky Davidson Interview, E10

by Sarah Broady | A Special Hope

Hosts & Guests

Sarah Broady

Becky Davidson


Producer & Editor: Sarah Broady

Music: Benjamin Broady

Logo Design: Tammy Lanham

About Becky Davidson

Becky Davidson is the co-Founder and President of Rising Above Ministries. After the unexpected death of her husband Jeff, she assumed the leadership of their shared ministry and honored his memory by shepherding his last book, Common Man, Extraordinary Call, through publication. Becky and her son, Jon Alex, live in Cookeville, Tennessee.

Becky also founded Redefine This Life, “a place where we can meet and talk about how to manage the unexpected challenges of life. It offers a new way of thinking and ‘being’ that gives hope to those seemingly hopeless situations. I have found remarkable power in learning how to redefine the negatives into hopeful possibilities, but there are some steps you must take to make it stick. I have some hard-won truths I want to share with you so that you have a better chance of not just surviving, but thriving.”

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