Episode 11

When You Can’t Talk

About Hard Things

by | Jul 1, 2019

As a special needs parent, sometimes there are just some things we can’t share. What if people don’t understand? Some things are too private and would be embarrassing to our child if we talked about it. But it’s still something we as a parent are experiencing and need to process. How do we talk about the really hard things without really talking about it? Is that even possible? 

This is a solo episode by host Sarah Broady as she talks through reasons we can’t talk about hard things, and what we can do about it. 

When You Can't Talk About Hard Things

by Sarah Broady | A Special Hope

When You Can't Talk About Hard Things, E11

by Sarah Broady | A Special Hope

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Sarah Broady


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I love meeting new people and learning about their stories. I enjoy good conversation and building relationships with people. I absolutely love to encourage others in their journeys with special needs, or just the Christian life. I desire to give others the same special hope I have in Christ that is freely given to all who believe. A Special Hope Podcast combines all these things into one, and I’m so excited to bring hope and encouragement into the lives of my listeners.

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