I am so excited to welcome all M.O.B. Society Blog Hoppers! This is my first blog hop, and I am thoroughly enjoying reading so many other fellow moms of boys and finding (hopefully) new virtual friends. I hope there will be many who find a new virtual friendship through my blog with me as well!

Welcome to Post Tenebras Lux: Hope in Autism! I began this blog nearly a year ago as a way to get outside of myself a little bit, using this space to write about my life as a wife and mother of three boys, specifically a mother of my son with autism. I needed someplace to go where I could just write about whatever I was feeling, a way to think through what was going on in my life and in the life of my son. My husband knows that I process things out loud – sometimes that is literally talking through everything with him, and if not him or someone else, I can open up my computer, open a blank screen, and pour out my heart. By typing it all out and reading through it, I am able to lay things out in a logical manner and make sense out of my life.

I am a wife. I am a mother. I am a daughter, a granddaughter, sister, and friend. I am out-going, talkative, I love to laugh, and make new friends. I love to create through writing, sewing, crafting, baking, photography, and dreaming BIG. I am a follower of Jesus Christ, and I love my Lord. Often my writing reflects my struggle living this life with hope as I long for new life with Christ.

I am a pastor’s wife as well; my husband is the associate pastor of worship and family ministries at our church. I LOVE our church family. They are truly family to me. I have fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters whom I love dearly. I love to minister to them however I am able. I enjoy working in women’s ministry through our Bible study, events, and outreach.

About this blog: “Post tenebras, lux” is latin for “after darkness, light”. My pastor preached a Christmas Eve service on this theme a couple years ago, and it stuck with me ever since. We live this life in darkness – the darkness of brokenness caused by the sin committed in the garden in the beginning. Our world is broken. We are broken by the fall. Brokenness is experienced in a plethora of ways; some are simply more visible than others. Autism is one of these more visible ways. Depression is one of the hidden ways. I struggle with both – as the mother of a son with autism, and as the one with depression. I desire for this blog to be a place of love, support and encouragement to other moms and parents who are parenting children with autism or other special needs. I want to show others what I am seeing for myself every day – that despite the darkest night, morning always breaks.

Because I love to write and create, I decided to start a new blog dedicated just for my creativity outlet at Fanciful Sojourns. I was recently nominated for my first blog award for that blog and I just started it a couple months ago! Very exciting. Both of my blogs also have extensions as pages on FB, which you can find on the sides of the blog posts. I love followers and I follow back!
Let me introduce you to my boys, since this blog hop is all about them! Benjamin is my oldest son, age 8. Samuel is my son with autism, age 6. Joshua is my sweet baby 4 year old who is cute and knows it. You can see more pictures of them individually HERE. I mentioned I love photography, and I just took this picture yesterday that shows the love of my boys:

 I’m so glad you stopped by to visit and I hope you’ll take some time to browse through some more of my posts. A few of my personal favorites:

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I pray you will enjoy this blog as much as I have enjoyed writing it!


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