Just wanted to share some pics from our playdate today. I met a girlfriend who has three girls that are close in age to my three boys. Both of our middle kiddos have autism. I showed Sam “L”‘s picture from my friend’s Facebook page and told him that L has autism, just like him.

We met at their church that has a large kids room with an indoor playground – VERY cool!! I was coveting, I admit. The screened in room on the far left had mats with pictures of water and alligators on it and soft tree stump-like things to stand on. You can see the triangular rings hanging down from the ceiling, so you could swing from stump to stump – but if you fell, you’d be swimming with the ‘gators!

They had gauntlet type punching bags my eldest is holding in the middle – he got a little happy with it and swung it really hard – right into Sam’s stomach. Poor guy.

This is Sam after “falling” in the water. I had to save him and lift him out. Such cuteness.

Josh is such a HAM! Ham and “cheese” sandwich, to be exact.

Sam liked sitting up there and making me spin him around.
Ben wanted to copy his brother

Trying to take Sam’s picture, he absolutely refused to smile. He insisted on making his
“mad face”, so I insisted he make a happy face too.
 He gave me this:

 This is Sam swinging like a monkey with his new friend, L (on the right) and her little sister E on the left.

So that was our big playdate today. Neither Sam or L really played WITH anyone, pretty much in their own worlds – Sam did do some running with his brothers a bit though. It was great to catch up with a new friend and watch the kids laugh and play while we talked. I wish I could see them more often!

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