I’m in a bit of an unusual slump, but I think this is a good thing. Normally, blog posts come about because of negative aspects of our life with autism. Meltdowns, insurance problems and emotional chaos are usually motivators for writing. Lately though, I haven’t had those kinds of motivators. My last post, “With Baited Breath” talked about how I was just waiting for summer to catch up with Sam as I fully expected him to fall apart as he usually does following a major transition.

We returned from our 2 week vacation in IN over a week ago, followed by a week of nightly VBS. Samuel was incredible during each night. The theme was Olympion (very fitting for this summer!) and as always, kids earn points during the week and get stickers to fill their book. For the first time though, kids competed for the highest number of points in each class and got a gold medal for winning 1st and 2nd places. I had no idea it was coming, otherwise I would have had my camera ready, but Samuel won 2nd place for his class! He ran up to the podium and stood there proudly wearing his medal, smiling as everyone clapped and yelled (which he normally does not tolerate well). I couldn’t believe my watery eyes! When we got home, he ran to his dog and showed him his medal saying, “Look Fred! I won a gold medal!”

This week is void of major activity. We’re just hanging around at home, printing out coloring page after coloring page of various Cars characters, playing with the dog, watching TV, playing Wii, having a friend over and just relaxing. Next week, Music and Arts camp begins on Monday ending on Friday with a performance Friday evening. The camp is only 9-12, but that means a week of getting up on time and getting ready right away and out the door. No sleeping in or lounging in jammies until noon next week.

Anyway, that is the update on our activity. The reason for this post is simply to write about how I have nothing to write about! 🙂 In the last week, there was only one major meltdown where I physically had to carry Sam to his room and go through the whole calm down process. In the meantime, he still stims and scripts and aggravates his brothers – just like anyone else. He’s been very verbal, holding conversations (though random topics) with us, smiling a LOT – even at me, and expressing his love for us in words and hugs and kisses. He even sat still and did well for his haircut I gave him last night. He did kind of freak out with the hair falling on his back and shorts, but I just had to make sure to blow it all away with every cut I made. Even now, there is a thunderstorm and pouring rain outside, and he quietly said to himself, “Oh man, I hate storms.” instead of crying with  anxiety.

For all the worries and fears I still have (show me a mother who doesn’t have those!), there are more and more feelings of hope and joy and the strengthening faith that God is not only doing an amazing work in the life of my son now, but that He will continue that work and perfect it until the day of completion. Not that I ever doubted that work, but in the midst of meltdowns and frustrations and watching Samuel constantly scripting, I can’t help but wonder – how’s this going to end? I don’t have that answer, except that I know it MUST end just as God has ordained for it to end – for Sam’s good and God’s glory.

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