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Not Alone

The morning had been going so well. It was a Sunday morning and we had to be at church early for rehearsal since I was on praise team. Everyone was getting ready to leave without much difficulty, except for my poor husband. The dog had been let out for a minute, but...

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Change Happening Now

There might be a few things that look weird or out of place here. I've been working a LOT on optimizing and enhancing this blog, all for the benefit of you! But while in the process of making changes, there are bound to be a few snafus, and there's only so much time...

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Sense, That Total Makes

Today is THE day. The day that we have been waiting for since November 22, 2013 when the much anticipated movie "Frozen" debuted in theaters. We were visiting family for Thanksgiving and the boys' grandparents took us all out to see it. (There seems to always be a new...

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Team I Am Sam: Why I Walk

Tomorrow is the Walk Now for Autism Speaks event that will take place on the National Mall in Washington D.C. This will be the 5th year our family has participated in this event. I'm excited to see that the weather should be in the 60's, sunny and mild. In some...

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A Glimpse of Glory

"Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, noooo!!!!" The wails started within minutes after dinner had ended. As is our habit, we waited to hear if it was over, or just beginning. It was just beginning. The day had gone well. I had taken Sam to a research study that was scheduled in the...

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E1 All About Autism and Hope: An Interview with Samuel Broady

E1 All About Autism and Hope: An Interview with Samuel Broady

Episode 1 All About Autism & Hope: An Interview with Samuel BroadyA Special Hope kicks off with a very special guest: Samuel Broady. I had the pleasure of interviewing my own son for Episode 1 of this podcast. Sam talks about what it's like having autism, what he...

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Discover GOALLY

Goally is an incredible time, task, and behavioral management aide designed specifically for individuals with autism under the control of a parent with the parent app. Kids manage their own tasks and routines (set up within the parent app,) building independence, creating good habits, and it enables parents and therapists alike to track behavior, both "desireable" and "undesireable", and allow kids/Goally users to redeem points for rewards. There is even a FB support group for parents with access to help as needed. Some insurance waivers will even cover the cost of Goally as an assistive device.

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