Episode 8

Building Community with Cara Milne

by | May 15, 2019

What does it feel like to truly belong? Cara Milne talks with Sarah Broady about her book, “Building Community: Practical Ways to Build Inclusive Communities for People Who are Vulnerable“. We discuss Cara’s story of entering the disability field, what “community” really looks like, belonging, and the intersection of faith and disability.

Hosts & Guests

Sarah Broady

Cara Milne


Producer & Editor: Sarah Broady

Music: Benjamin Broady

Logo Design: Tammy Lanham

About Cara Milne

Cara Milne is the owner of M-Powered Planning, an award winning business that has been promoting positive and valuable roles for people who are vulnerable for over 15 years. Cara provides training and consulting that is innovative and practical for both agencies and families. Cara’s book and training seminars encourage staff and families to see the strengths of their existing services, and simple strategies that create positive changes in the lives of children and adults with developmental disabilities. Cara’s positive and energetic approach supports both common sense and sustainable change. Cara is the proud author of the book, “Building Community; Practical ways to build inclusive communities for people who are vulnerable.”

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